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Below are examples of some of the substantial jury verdicts or settlements obtained by Bob Barber, Jr. for his clients. Your results will be based upon the specific facts of your case including injuries and liability.

$ 2.75 million obtained from the State of Arizona for its failure to properly supervise parolees who murdered several people in the infamous Tucson Smoke Shop and Firefighters’ Union Hall case occurring in 1996. The funds went to the victims’ families.

$1.2 million secured for the family from a Phoenix doctor and a medical testing laboratory for a failed vasectomy and irresponsible post-surgical testing procedures resulting in an unplanned pregnancy and the subsequent birth of a child with Downs Syndrome.

Settlement in excess of one million dollars for a defective product causing injury to our client’s leg. Further details are precluded by a confidentiality agreement.

$920,000 obtained for the family from the United States Government for the repeated negligence and failure of its radiologists and medical doctors to detect a metallic button lodged in a 2-year-old child’s throat. The button perforated the esophagus causing major injuries.

A high six-figure settlement obtained from a nail salon for negligent sanitary practices resulting in a severe flesh-eating, bacterial infection requiring extensive surgery and leaving our client with significant disfigurement. The exact amount of the settlement is precluded by a confidentiality agreement.

$ 410,000 settlement for a woman bicyclist who suffered a fractured jaw when struck by a motor vehicle. The woman ultimately developed temporomandibular disorder[TMD]

$375,000 secured for significant knee injuries sustained by a motorcycle driver involved in a collision with an automobile.

$350,000 secured for the parents of a 4-year-old child who was denied treatment at a medical facility because he had contagious chickenpox. The child, who had a congenital condition known to the medical facility, subsequently died for lack of treatment.

A six-figure settlement obtained for the spouse of a patient residing in a skilled nursing facility. The facility failed to appropriately prevent the patient from falling out of bed resulting in injuries that subsequently led to the patient’s death. The exact amount of the settlement is precluded by a confidentiality agreement.

$150,000 secured for a motorcycle driver badly injured when he was cut off in traffic by an automobile causing a collision.

$125,000 obtained for a bicycle rider with severe, pre-existing back injuries aggravated when he was struck by a motor vehicle.

$100,000 settlement for motorcyclist injured when debris fell from a truck he was following, causing him to crash his motorcycle.

$100,000 secured for a bicycle rider, riding in a bike line, who suffered hip injuries when struck by an automobile.