According to a recent news article, Tucson police are warning motorists to be on the lookout for a dangerous prankster armed with a BB gun. It seems the miscreant has been cruising highways on the northwest side of the city, shooting at motorists and their cars.

The suspect is described as a scruffy-looking Asian male driving a dark-colored Hundai or Honda sports coupe. Although his motivation remains unknown, his actions are potentially deadly: He appears to be targeting drivers in fast-moving vehicles, and the potential for a fatal outcome is very real.

High-speed hazard

In the first incident, which occurred on the night of September 24th, the shooter pulled up alongside a couple traveling westbound on West Magee Road near North La Cholla Boulevard. As the couple drove along, the suspect rolled down his driver-side window.

Thinking the other driver was perhaps someone they knew, the couple slowed down a bit. At that moment, they heard a loud explosion and realized that the rear window of their vehicle had been burst by the projectile from a weapon of some kind.

Investigators later discovered that the damage had been caused by a “BB” fired by a powerful pellet gun. The couple were lucky…. If either of them had been injured while driving, or even started by a shattered window, it’s quite possible that they might have suffered a serious traffic accident, perhaps resulting in the wrongful death of an innocent person.

After the shooting, the offender sped away westbound on Magee. He reportedly left the scene at a high rate of speed, potentially endangering other motorists or pedestrians.

The shooter strikes again

Very early on the morning of September 29th, the mysterious shooter attacked again. This time he targeted a driver traveling northbound on North Oracle Road near the intersection with West Orange Grove Road.

The shooter repeated his previous MO: The victim reported that a male subject driving a black sports coupe pulled alongside him on the right as he slowed for the intersection.

Then, the passenger-side window of the victim’s car shattered under the impact of one or more projectiles fired by the perpetrator. Once again, the offender sped away, this time eastbound on West Orange Grove.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Office and other law-enforcement agencies are still actively seeking the shooter at press time.

Childish prank or sociopathic grudge?

It’s impossible to understand the motivations of someone who shoots at others while driving a vehicle at high speeds. Perhaps the offender is an immature male seeking frat-boy acclaim. Or, the shooter may be a true sociopath who might soon obtain a “real” firearm. In either case, let’s hope the police stop him quickly.

Regardless of the shooter’s reasons for terrorizing Tucson residents, such a shooting spree could have serious consequences for anyone unlucky enough to encounter him on the road at night. All too often, even “harmless” pranks can go terribly wrong, and result in wrongful death, serious injuries or property damage.

If a loved one has suffered wrongful death or been injured by a prankster, you should take action to protect your rights and prevent the troublemaker from hurting others.

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