It seems that mobile homes in the Tucson area can sometimes be dangerous places to live, as illustrated by a recent local news story regarding a fire that resulted in multiple personal injuries.

As reported by the Rural/Metro Fire Department, four people living in a mobile home near the 5000 block of South Bonney Avenue were roused from their sleep at around 2 o’clock in the morning by a fire which swept through their dwelling.

Fortunately, even though the four victims suffered a range of burns and related personal injuries, all were lucky enough to escape the conflagration which quickly consumed the mobile home. Two of the victims were treated at the scene, while the others were taken to the University of Arizona Medical Center. The severity of their personal injuries was still unknown at press time. 

Mobile homes and trailers aren’t built like most permanent homes

Over the years, mobile homes have often been the site of serious fires. Although the cause of this most-recent fire hasn’t yet been determined, mobile homes are designed and built differently than most permanent homes are.

For example, mobile homes are usually long and narrow in shape, and they typically feature only limited access. So, in the event of a fire, inhabitants may have difficulty in escaping.

Of course, trailers and mobile homes are often built with wood framing and other flammable non-masonry materials in their walls and floors. Such materials may support combustion more easily than permanent homes do.

Also, many older-generation mobile homes were built using aluminum wiring instead of copper, which under some conditions may increase the likelihood of a fire due to overheated or faulty wiring.

Entitled to safer housing

Although modern building and housing codes have improved the safety of mobile homes in recent years, much more work needs to be done to protect the lives of those who live in such housing.

Often, mobile-home dwellers are elderly, disabled, or working-class people. Such housing may seem relatively inexpensive those who live on fixed incomes, yet it can become very costly in the event of a fire.

Regardless of income level or social circumstances, Tucson residents deserve safe housing. When a fire occurs in a mobile home, trailer, or even in a rental home with a permanent foundation, those affected need expert legal help.

Whether you rent or own your home here in the Tucson area, regardless of whether it’s a mobile home or has a permanent foundation, if you or your loved ones have suffered personal injuries or losses in a fire or any property-related catastrophe, you should contact the Bob Barber Law Firm for help.

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