As reported recently, a 2-year-old boy has become the first drowning victim in Tucson in 2014. The young boy was found unresponsive in a hot tub, inside a gated area surrounding the apartment swimming pool and other leisure facilities.

The unfortunate incident happened during the evening hours, at an apartment complex located near 4200 East Monte Vista Drive. Although the details are still being investigated, similar child-drowning cases resulting in wrongful death are common throughout the U.S.

child_drowning-2Witnesses haven’t spoken publicly, and details were scarce at press time. Still, it seems that an adult found the child in the Jacuzzi-type spa tub and carried him out to the parking lot, where another adult performed CPR until rescue units arrived.

Tucson Fire Department (TFD) teams were unable to resuscitate the child on-scene and during transport to a local hospital. The elapsed time between first response and arrival at the hospital was about ten minutes. In spite of all efforts, the boy died.

Why did this happen?

When asking questions about a child’s untimely death, it’s important to directly address the root causes, and hold accountable any and all responsible persons.

Regarding this drowning, the initial investigative focus will be to determine how, when and why the child was able to access the facility without adult supervision. Alternatively, the investigation may discover that an adult was indeed present yet fell short in supervising the tot’s activities.

In any event, this child’s drowning will inevitably spark questions about responsibility for access to the hot tub, safety measures that may or may not have been in effect around the pool areas of the apartment complex, and direct supervision of the child.

Learn the truth

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