As reported recently on Fox News, three Tucson-area residents suffered personal injuries when a section of ceiling collapsed in a Tucson strip mall. Sources at the Northwest Fire District said the collapse occurred on July 8th at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Four people were sitting in a breezeway outside the offices of the Arizona Department of Economic Security awaiting their appointments when a large section of drywall panels suddenly broke free from the ceiling overhead and fell onto them.

Two of the victims were first treated at the scene and then taken to a local hospital for further attention to their injuries. The third victim was treated at the scene and released, while the fourth person in the hallway at the time of the collapse was said to have avoided any personal injury.

Local building-inspection officials indicated that the ceiling was apparently brought down by strong wind gusts entering the roof vents, which may have buckled the ceiling down beyond its limits. At the same time, fire officials ruled out recent rains as a cause.


The sky is falling

This ceiling collapse highlights the dangers that can arise even in boring locations such as local government offices. And, the accident further underscores the need for regular building maintenance and inspection.


Seemingly-rare events are sometimes easily predictable

Although drywall plasterboard is a fairly innocuous building material when used properly, its heavy weight can turn it into a deadly weapon under the wrong circumstances. Of course, it’s difficult to know what role poor construction practices or shoddy installation may have played in the collapse.

Still, construction-related accidents are increasingly common, both at new-building construction sites and also in places where existing building materials suddenly fail, as happened here.


The best legal help

When such events cause property damage or hurt people, it’s necessary to investigate thoroughly in order to learn the causes and try to prevent future accidents. And, it’s equally important to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions with the best legal help.

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