According to recent local news a young Tucson boy died after being struck by a UPS delivery truck during a bicycle accident near 6200 South Campbell Avenue.

Apparently the six-year-old boy was riding his bike around the parking lot at the apartment complex where his family lives when the UPS driver backed into him.

The driver indicated that before backing up he first checked his backup camera and mirrors, and honked his horn. Still, he didn’t see the child, who rode up behind the trucking while it was backing.

After the accident the driver of the UPS truck was reported to have stayed at the scene and assisted investigators.

The truck’s safety equipment didn’t help

The young bicyclist’s death highlights the danger that riders of all ages throughout Tucson face even when they’re riding close to home.

And, it also demonstrates that a low-speed bicycle accident can be just as fatal as a high-speed bike crash.

Most worrisome is the fact that the delivery truck’s backup camera and mirrors didn’t help the driver avoid this tragedy.

Of course, a helmet might have helped reduce the level of injury from this bike accident – but the child wasn’t wearing one.

Professional legal help

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