According to a recent news article, on June 18th a 25-year-old local man, Gerardo Cazares, killed a female Tucson cyclist. Authorities allege he was driving under the influence of drugs. The fatal bicycle injury accident occurred on Tucson’s west side during early morning traffic.

Witnesses reported that the car driven by the drugged motorist ran through a red light just before 6 a.m., struck the woman riding a bicycle through the intersection, and then hit a parked vehicle before finally stopping about a half-block from the bicycle injury scene.

Police responded to the accident and closed all lanes of Speedway between North Main Avenue and Interstate 10. Both directions of the roadway were finally reopened at around 11 a.m.

The victim, a 38-year-old local woman said to be pedaling to work, suffered fatal bicycle injuries when struck by the driver. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the bicycle crash.

The driver was arrested and charged with second-degree murder as well as criminal damage. At press time, he was still being held in custody. Detectives indicated that drug use was a factor in the driver’s actions.


A worrisome trend in bicycle injury incidents

In the Tucson area, there has been an uptick in bicycle injuries in accidents caused by drunk or drugged drivers. Perhaps this is due to roadways crowded with cyclists, easy targets for impaired motorists. Or, maybe we’ve simply been experiencing a rash of drunk-driving accidents that happen to involve cyclists.

In any event, the recent fatal bicycle injury accident highlights the need for better enforcement against drunk or drugged drivers. Police can do more to detect and deter impaired drivers.


Cyclists have the moral high ground, but they’re still vulnerable to low-down drivers

Cyclists should be especially watchful, since drunks and druggies can be found on Tucson roadways at any time of day or night. Riders should always wear helmets and other appropriate safety gear, and be wary of vehicles that move erratically.

All too often, cyclists’ rights on the roadways fall behind those of motorists. Bicycle injury accidents are especially common during crashes with drunk or drug-impaired drivers. In the most recent case, the driver struck the victim then was quickly apprehended, and the drug involvement was immediately discovered.

It’s a shame that cyclists who shun fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and choose healthy, active lifestyles can become victims of people who have chosen an opposite lifestyle, one which endangers innocent cyclists.


Riders need an advocate within the cycling community

In order to be an effective advocate for cyclists against drunk-drugged drivers, a successful bicycle accident attorney must be a lifelong member of the cycling community.

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