As of May 22, 2014 Tucson authorities and the FBI are actively seeking two Mexican women who have been acting as unlicensed physicians. They are accused of medical malpractice by performing illegal cosmetic surgeries to enlarge the buttocks of women in Tucson and the Pima County area.

The two unlicensed practitioners, Perla Guadalupe Rubio and Ivonne Clarissa Ceballos, are accused of administering gluteal-enhancement treatments using injections of a chemical polymer known as Polyacrylamide Hydrogel (or PAAH), which is not approved under U.S. law.

According to local news reports, the pair have been scamming Tucson-area women and committing medical malpractice by misrepresenting their credentials and over-promoting the expected benefits of the cosmetic-surgery being performed.

During the illicit backside-augmentation procedure, the unlicensed practitioners inject PAAH into the patients’ tissues above and around the gluteus maximus muscles. Patients are told the resulting “enhancement” will last for up to five years.

Although PAAH is allowed in the UK and some other countries, and is a component of soft contact lenses, the U.S. has not approved its use for cosmetic procedures such as gluteal enhancement.

The use of PAAH is considered dangerous because little is known about its potentially-toxic effects. Worldwide, there have been reports of serious pain as well as kidney failure. In fact, the death of a former Ms. Argentina has been attributed to the use of this chemical for gluteal enhancement.


Taking advantage of local women through medical malpractice

Ms. Rubio and Ms. Ceballos seem to be taking advantage of Tucson women’s eagerness to pursue beauty at all costs. Although the outcomes of these surgeries have been reported as less-than-optimal, the two unlicensed physicians are said to be charging fees of as much as $5000 for their enhancement procedures while promising excellent results.

The Arizona attorney general, Tucson authorities and the FBI are asking any affected patients to come forward in order to provide additional information in hopes of apprehending the two unlicensed operators and ending their long-running medical malpractice scam.


Shining a light on medical malpractice

Hopefully, this duo of unlicensed practitioners will be apprehended soon, so other women will not be exposed to their scams. Yet, it seems likely that some of their victims will refuse to come forward, in order to avoid possible embarrassment.

Still, regardless of the outcome of criminal charges against these scammers or any other perpetrators of medical malpractice, it’s important that all victims of medical malpractice have a chance to come forward and seek damages against those who have wronged them.

Beyond the immediate health concerns, there are also implications for victims’ future health. Although victims may be tempted to remain silent, often the negative effects of medical malpractice take many years to become fully known.

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