According to a local news article, a Tucson cyclist recently died when he was struck by a train while crossing a bridge over the Rillito River. Although the exact circumstances of this bicycle accident are unclear, the hapless rider apparently strayed into the pathway of the train as both crossed the bridge.

The location of the cycling accident was reported to be a railroad bridge overpass near Interstate 10 and North Casa Grande Highway. The train’s engineer was said to have sounded his air horn and applied the train’s brakes upon seeing the cyclist.

Yet, the heavy locomotive coupled together with an unknown number of rail cars was unable to stop before fatally striking the rider.


Large versus small

It’s unknown how much clearance there was between the railroad tracks and the sides of the bridge. Google Earth views of the area appear to show wide-open landscape with clear visibility around the Rillito River bridges near I-10. In any event, by the time the engineer saw the cyclist, it was too late for the much-larger vehicle to stop.

Even though some observers may say that this Tucson bicycle crash happened because the rider was using a train route instead of road such as I-10 or Casa Grande Highway, the reality is that cyclists in our area have very limited options for travel.

Bikes generally aren’t allowed on Interstate 10, and the nearby frontage road is dangerous because of the constant flow of entering and exiting vehicles. It’s uncertain why the rider chose his ill-fated route, but he may have felt safer there because there’s less vehicle traffic.


Tucson riders need more choices and safer routes

Tucson cyclists face difficult choices when riding throughout our crowded city and suburbs. Given the worrisome number of bike accidents in Tucson and Pima County, riders may be forgiven for seeking quieter, less-congested pathways.

And, railroads nationwide are faced with growing legal pressure to make their tracks either less-accessible to casual cyclists and pedestrians by fencing off dangerous stretches, or else provide parallel bike routes to prevent tragedies such as this recent bike accident.


A strong legal advocate for Tucson bicyclists

Riders and their families need legal help to protect their interests and fight for better safety measures, and more access.

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