Here in Tucson, and throughout Arizona and other states, summer is traditionally the worst season for medical malpractice incidents in hospitals and clinics. During the summertime, medication errors and surgical mistakes tend to increase in healthcare institutions for several reasons.

Patients and families should be especially watchful of surgeries and medical procedures administered by professional caregivers between June and September of each year. If patients and families sense something isn’t right, they should intervene immediately and appropriately.


A flood of freshly-minted doctors

Although patients who require surgery should receive an excellent level of care in major healthcare institutions in Tucson year-round, the fact is that each year’s crop of new medical and surgical interns enters the hospital workforce nationwide beginning in June and July, after the end of medical schools’ academic year.

As they learn, these new doctors tend to make mistakes, just as all new workers do. Unfortunately, doctors sometimes learn at their patients’ expense.


Summer is the favored vacation period for senior nursing staff

While experienced nursing staff and supervisory medical staff can catch most medication errors and surgical mistakes made by their colleagues, summer also happens to be the favorite vacation time period for senior nursing staff, especially in Tucson and Pima County.

Many experienced healthcare workers take their vacations during the summer months, which can leave emergency rooms and critical specialty-nursing areas understaffed. As a result, patients may be more likely to suffer medical malpractice during the summer. Patients should schedule elective surgical and medical procedures well in advance of vacation periods.


Complications arising from medical malpractice

The most-common medical complications during the summer medical malpractice season include excess blood loss, damaged organs, nerve damage, surgery on the wrong sites, amputation errors, and surgical instruments and supplies mistakenly left inside patients.

Beyond direct bodily injuries caused by under-skilled surgical operators or inattentive nursing staff, other worrisome issues arising in Tucson-area hospitals and assisted-living homes during the summer months include pulmonary embolisms and bedsores from neglectful nursing care.


The long-term impact of medical malpractice

Medication errors and surgical mistakes can have immediate consequences for patients and families, yet it’s also possible that the full effects of these errors may not be felt by patients until many years later.

Patients often find that seemingly-minor errors by doctors and other healthcare professionals ultimately lead to larger problems or worsen the original condition. Yet, the sooner the medical malpractice is reported and corrected, the better the patient outcome will be.


Physical and financial recovery

If you or a family member has suffered from a mistake by a doctor, surgeon, pharmacist, nurse or other professional healthcare worker in Tucson or Pima County, you should take action to protect your rights and recover your health.

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