According to a recent report featured in Tucson News Now which attracted attention from Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys, a lucky pair of 70-something bikers received only minor injuries when they were struck by a 21-year-old female while driving her car through the intersection of West Orange Grove and North Oracle Roads on November 20, 2013. The crash was said to have happened during heavy mid-morning traffic in the area, yet the exact circumstances are unknown. The much-younger driver was also slightly injured, and all three were taken to local hospitals. The motorcyclists were reportedly wearing helmets at the time of the crash, and were later said to be in good condition.

Oldsters in motorcycle paradise

Fortunately, it seems that this particular Tucson motorcycle accident ended fairly well for everyone, especially for the seniors who escaped serious consequences from their active motorcycling lifestyle. Motorcycles are an increasingly popular form of transportation for senior citizens and mature riders….. Arizona offers a perfect-weather paradise for motorcycling by people of all ages, and with an aging population entitled to the freedoms and privileges of a lifetime of hard work, it’s easy to understand the reasons why Tucson is home so many elderly bikers.

Still, most motorcycle crashes have far worse outcomes, and the elderly are certainly at higher risk than the kids with whom they collide. In most cases, the younger people are released from hospitals much sooner than the older people injured alongside them in the same accidents. Although there has been a traditional perception that road accidents more often arise from youthful recklessness or inattention than from mistakes by “mature drivers,” the reality may be different: In Tucson and throughout Pima County and beyond, middle-aged and older people are increasingly both the victims – and the causes – of a worrisome number of motorcycle accidents.

Successful recovery often requires plenty of medical help, as well as strong legal advocacy

Injured motorcyclists deserve excellent health care. Long-term therapy and rehabilitation are critically important for full recovery by any injured adult, and seniors are especially sensitive to trauma. Hospitalizations tend to be longer for seniors, and follow-up therapies may be necessary for several years after an accident. Because of today’s changing health-care landscape, in order to ensure the full recovery of an injured motorcyclist of any age, it’s important to provide the best insurance and other financial resources for long-term support.

Although our region has the nation’s best hospitals, equipped with plenty of up-to-date medical technology, older motorcyclists still face difficult outcomes after a motorcycle accident. An experienced Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer can ensure that medical needs are properly attended, and that drivers involved in accidents are held accountable for their actions. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, whatever their age, you should contact Bob Barber, Jr., the leading Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in helping injured motorcyclists young and old win fair compensation and receive the long-term help they need. To learn about your options for recovery and relief, call Bob Barber Law at 520-293-4440