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Bicycle and Motorcycle Lawyers in Tucson

Statistically bicyclists and motorcyclists are involved in accidents more often than operators of passenger vehicles according to Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Tucson. This is due in part to the difficulty other drivers have in seeing bicycles and motorcycles. Further, when you are seen, the other driver may have difficulty calculating your speed and distance. Thus, photographs of the accident scene and accident reconstruction become more important.

Accident victims often suffer injuries that are quite different from those incurred in automobile accidents. Bicyclists, and to some extent, motorcyclists, often experience severe clavicle and shoulder injures. Complex fractures are common with bike and motorcycle riders who have collided with a passenger vehicle.

Arizona traffic laws apply not only to motorists and motorcyclists, but to bicyclists as well. ARS 28-812 -through ARS 28-817 – deal specifically with bicycles.

If you have been injured in a bicycle or motorcycle accident, you need the expertise that Bob Barber offers. His emphasis on and experience with these types of accidents ensures that you will receive the maximum recovery for your injuries.

Bicycle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Tucson

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