According to a local news report, a couple of days ago a possibly-impaired driver sent three people to Tucson hospitals with personal injuries, including himself and his passenger. The accident occurred in early morning traffic at the intersection of North LaCholla Boulevard and West Rudasill Road.

As reported by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, an 86-year-old victim suffered a serious personal injury, while the possibly-impaired driver and his passenger were also injured, although less seriously.

The spokesperson indicated that the suspect driver in a Toyota Camry was traveling northbound on LaCholla when he failed to stop for a red light at the intersection with Rudasill. There, two other northbound vehicles were already stopped, waiting for the light.

Chain reaction

As the apparently-tipsy driver in the Camry reached the intersection, his vehicle sideswiped a Honda in the leftbound lane, then hit a Ford in the lane alongside the Honda. All vehicles received at least minor damage, and three occupants of the respective vehicles sustained a range of personal injuries.

The elderly man who was driving the Ford suffered critical personal injuries. As mentioned above, the driver of the Toyota who apparently triggered this chain accident is suspected of driving while impaired. Although the instigator was expected to be charged by authorities, it was small comfort to the injured senior citizen.

After an accident

Insurance can fix damaged vehicles, and criminal convictions can help keep dangerous drivers off Tucson roadways, but there’s no easy way to heal a serious personal injury.

Top-quality medical care is expensive, and multiple lives may be broken after one careless night-on-the-town by an impaired driver. Worse, if the victim is a breadwinner, his or her entire family may suffer lifelong financial burdens.

The best legal help

If you or a loved one has suffered personal injuries caused by someone acting irresponsibly, whether on a Tucson roadway, in the workplace, or anywhere else, you should seek expert help.

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