A couple of days ago, the crash of a small airplane during a takeoff from Rimrock Airport caused personal injuries to the two people aboard. The accident frightened local residents, and has some Tucson area residents worrying about the dangers of small planes coming down unexpectedly in neighborhood areas.

The single-engine plane crashed at the end of the runway as it attempted to take off in bad weather conditions during the morning hours of August 13th. Rescuers from the Montezuma Rimrock Fire District (MRFD) responded along with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO).

The plane suffered extensive damage; fortunately, there was no fire. The 2 people aboard the craft each sustained a significant yet non-fatal personal injury. The victims were a 61-year-old man who was piloting the plane, and his 48-year-old passenger. Both are reportedly from Lakeside. The injured men were transported to Flagstaff Medical Center.


Danger above

This crash is worrisome because it highlights the dangers to the general public because of the proliferation of personal aircraft in already-busy airspace around metropolitan areas.

Some Tucson-area residents have expressed concern that a small (or large) aircraft could easily come down in a densely-populated urban area, causing far more casualties. They’re advocating more restrictions on airspace over cities and suburbs.

Most people are focused on the everyday hazards which surround us… on the ground. When it comes to risks from overhead objects falling onto innocent people, it’s far more difficult to take precautions.

When unexpected hazards cause injuries or property damage, it’s important to seek legal help to sort out the aftermath of the accident.


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