According to a recent story reported on Tucson News Now, a deadly motorcycle accident on Saturday, September 7, 2013 near the intersection of Bopp and Kinney Road in Tucson involved three motorcycles, and was perhaps preceded by excessive speed and alcohol consumption by at least one of the motorcyclists.

Biker versus biker

Although the circumstances of the accident remain under investigation, authorities indicated that a 53-year-old man and an unidentified companion were riding their motorcycles together westbound on Bopp when an unassociated 59-year-old motorcyclist also traveling westbound overtook the pair at a high rate of speed and rear-ended one of them, which caused the unfortunate rider to lose control and fall, suffering fatal injuries. The deceased motorcyclist’s unhurt buddy left the scene of the accident on his own motorcycle before police arrived, while the injured biker was taken to a local hospital where he remains in serious condition.

 Nobody was wearing a helmet

With the increasing number of motorcycle-on-motorcycle accidents in the Tucson area, it’s important to remind all riders to keep their eyes open for other motorcycles as well as for cars. Motorcycles are faster and have a narrower profile than cars, so they’re harder to see, especially when roadway visibility is poor. Unfortunately, when a motorcycle operator drinks before riding, or acts irresponsibly by speeding or not wearing a helmet, the consequences of an accident can extend far beyond his or her own family, and hurt the entire motorcycling community.

Protect your rights

 Still, there’s good news: An experienced Tucson motorcycle attorney can defend your rights if you’ve been injured by a motorcycle, whether as a rider, passenger or bystander, and bring the financial relief that your family deserves. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a motorcycle crash in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona, you should contact the motorcycle lawyers at the Bob Barber Law Firm by calling 520-293-4440 today.