As noted in a June 2012 article in Explorer News, a study conducted by prominent health care consultant Leapfrog Group found that the Oro Valley Hospital was the only Tucson-area hospital to meet high standards for patient-safety practices; all other local hospitals achieved lesser scores for patient safety.

 For its study, Leapfrog gathered and reviewed all the publicly-available data about medical errors and incorrect medications, patient injuries and hospital-borne infections in all U.S. hospitals. Under Leapfrog’s grading scale regarding the safety of patient-care facilities, hospitals were assigned a letter to designate the quality of their patient-safety measures, ranging from a score of “A” for a superior patient safety program downward through a designation of “F” for facilities which failed to meet basic standards in protecting their patients against accidents and mishaps.

 Medication errors and treatment mishaps are common, it seems

 Although the administrators and staff at Oro Valley Hospital were undoubtedly pleased when their institution achieved Leapfrog’s “A” rating, it seems that other hospitals in our area may not have such an exemplary record. No other hospital received that top rating, although a few received “B” ratings, and many were awarded ho-hum “C” grades for patient safety.

 Hospitals may be dangerous for patients

 According to media sources, during 2012 nationwide there were nearly 200,000 deaths following hospital accidents and medication errors. Even when patients are under the care of good doctors, the complex, high-pressure work environment in a hospital or long-term care facility can lead seasoned professionals to commit medical malpractice that causes infections, botched surgeries, serious injuries or death to patients.

 Seek the opinion of experts with both medical and legal knowledge

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