A recent spate of motorcycle accidents here in the Tucson area has highlighted the unforeseen financial risks faced by motorcyclists and their families following these mishaps. Although injured riders usually receive excellent urgent medical care and other early support in our area’s world-renowned health care facilities, still, the money often runs short soon afterward, leaving downed bikers and their families without resources.

A chain collision that affects family finances

 In many cases, an injured motorcyclist is the family’s sole breadwinner, so he or she may be forced to return to work prematurely, without taking time for proper healing. Worse, financial pressures may drive an injured or disabled worker to seek a lower-paying job, or agree to accept a small financial settlement instead of the compensation which is truly merited by the pain and disability.

Arizona motorcyclists and motorists should be aware of the legal requirements for basic insurance coverage here, which include coverage for both compulsory liability and property damage. Still, when the dust clears after a serious motorcycle accident, the injured motorcyclist is usually found to be under-insured, since there is almost always a large shortfall between the amount of coverage provided by minimum insurance policies, and the total costs of dealing with the aftermath of the accident, including out-of-pocket cash expenses and losses.

Lost time can’t be regained

One of the hidden costs faced by victims of motorcycle crashes and their families is the loss of time off work, and unpaid wages which should have been earned by the injured worker. Since employers are focused on maintaining current operations, they may quickly lose sight of workers sidelined by off-work accidents. Even highly-skilled, long-time employees may suffer from reduced work hours and lose top-paying assignments following a motorcycle wreck. And, other family members are also be financially impacted by lost work time and unpaid household bills.

Deal with the insurance company from a position of strength

 An experienced, savvy motorcycle accident lawyer can help you deal effectively with insurance companies, which often stall or delay the process of settling motorcycle injury claims in order to serve their own interests. If you or a family member has been injured in a motorcycle accident here in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona, call Bob Barber, Jr., the leading Tucson motorcycle attorney with 30-plus years of experience. Bob Barber Law can help you win fair compensation, and ensure that you return to work only after you’ve healed. Call Bob Barber Law at 520-293-4440 to learn about your options for relief.