Construction accidents often result in personal injury to workers, and sometimes also to bystanders. As reported in a local news story, a Tucson man was recently injured while operating heavy equipment at the new Federal Prison construction site located on South Wilmot Road.

Fortunately, the worker’s injuries were not life-threatening. After receiving hospital treatment for his personal injuries, he was released and is said to be recovering at home. It is not known how long he’ll be out of work.

At the time of the accident, the injured man was operating a scissor-lift, which is a form of motorized scaffolding. It consists of a height-adjustable platform on wheels, which allows workers to perform overhead tasks.

Personal injuries are common when operating this type of equipment in Tucson and Pima County, since the vehicle is sometimes moving over uneven ground even while the “scissor” platform is fully extended so that workers can reach far above the ground. Under such circumstances, the equipment may become unstable and tip over, throwing the worker to the ground.


Workplace safety and insurance coverage are often suboptimal

In this recent scissor-lift mishap, the workman who suffered personal injury was said to be a subcontractor. It’s not known which safety measures the overseeing contractor may have taken before the accident, and the exact circumstances at the time of this workplace accident are also unknown.

Still, after an accident occurs, an injured worker often discovers that the safety and security precautions on the jobsite may have been suboptimal. Worse, a worker who has suffered a personal injury may find out that insurance doesn’t cover all the costs following an accident.


A personal injury can have long-term consequences

Once injured, a worker may be facing some difficult issues. Subcontractors on construction sites may find that the general contractor and site owner deny responsibility for the workplace conditions leading to the accident. They may try to shift blame onto the worker.

Faced with financial uncertainties and laid up with personal injuries, a worker can feel pressure to accept a tiny cash settlement and sign documents accepting responsibility for the accident. However, a small one-time payment does little to help the injured worker and his or her family.

Workplace injuries which seemed fairly minor at the time of the accident have a way of worsening over time. A personal injury to the back, neck or other joints may seem to be improving in the first days and weeks after the accident, yet worsen until it becomes a chronic disability.


After suffering a personal injury, the injured worker needs professional help

If you or a family member has suffered a personal injury from a workplace accident or from any condition in a home, office, industrial site or public place in Tucson or Pima County, and you believe that the negligence or bad actions of others have at least partially caused that accident, you need professional legal help.

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