Bike Fest 2014April is now in full swing, and the month-long celebration of Bike Fest 2014 with “life on two wheels” promises plenty of memorable events here in Tucson. Although our area is blessed with good weather that offers cycling opportunities year-round, during the coming weeks our streets will host even more riders than usual.

Bike Fest features many events, including a two-mile commuter challenge, various giveaways and prize-winning contests, and of course the “Pedal the Pueblo” event.

Most importantly, Bike Fest is a chance for cyclists to demonstrate support for the most efficient, healthy, fast form of transportation yet developed by mankind: The bicycle.

Many of us rely on bicycles, and if more people would ride, the health of our population and our planet alike would benefit.

Bike Fest is big…. really big

In an important show of support for cycling, droves of young and old riders will be pedaling throughout the Tucson and Pima County this month.

In fact, it’s estimated that more than 50,000 cyclists will take to the streets this month – That’s a bit more than usual, although in a city as big as Tucson, there’s always room for new riders.

Still, even while bikers continue to gain the upper hand with healthy, cost-effective personal transportation when compared with gas-guzzling cars and SUVs, some things never change.

Bicycles are in the spotlight this month, but our roadways are still frequented by too many motorists who are inattentive or careless.

Bicycles own the moral high ground, yet motor vehicles come out on top during accidents

Unfortunately, when accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles occur, the cyclists invariably get the short end of the stick. And, as the number of riders increases, so does the potential for bicycle accidents.

Tucson authorities and Bike Fest organizers are encouraging all bicyclists to wear helmets, and riders should observe all safety rules whenever they’re “living life on two wheels.” It’s especially important for riders to be cautious not only when they’re participating in Bike Fest activities, but all year long as well.

Riders should keep in mind that this cluster of events in April will bring many new, under-experienced bicyclists into play. It’s good that newbies are joining the biking crowd in such large numbers, yet it also means that we all now face a greater danger from bike-on-bike mishaps.

A Tucson bicycle attorney who lives life on two wheels

During this special month for bicycling, and throughout the year, accidents will occasionally happen. Luckily, there is a dedicated Tucson bicycle attorney who lives the bicycling lifestyle and knows how to best help riders when things go wrong.

If you or someone you love has suffered an accident while riding in Tucson or anywhere in Pima County, whether during Bike Fest or at any time of year, you should contact Bob Barber, Tucson’s leading bike lawyer.

Bob Barber can help investigate the circumstances of a bicycle accident, work to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions, and fight to win the financial help you deserve.

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