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Construction Accidents Frequently Result In Personal Injury

Construction accidents often result in personal injury to workers, and sometimes also to bystanders. As reported in a local news story, a Tucson man was recently injured while operating heavy equipment at the new Federal Prison construction site located on South Wilmot Road.

Fortunately, the worker’s injuries were not life-threatening. After receiving hospital treatment for his personal injuries, he was released and is said to be recovering at home. It is not known how long he’ll be out of work.

At the time of the accident, the injured man was operating a scissor-lift, which is a form of motorized scaffolding. It consists of a height-adjustable platform on wheels, which allows workers to perform overhead tasks. Continue reading “Construction Accidents Frequently Result In Personal Injury”

Injured Motorcyclist Face Financial Risk

Injured Motorcyclists Face Financial Risks

A recent spate of motorcycle accidents here in the Tucson area has highlighted the unforeseen financial risks faced by motorcyclists and their families following these mishaps. Although injured riders usually receive excellent urgent medical care and other early support in our area’s world-renowned health care facilities, still, the money often runs short soon afterward, leaving downed bikers and their families without resources. Continue reading “Injured Motorcyclists Face Financial Risks”


Recently a report was released stating that texting while driving has become a greater hazard than drinking and driving among teenagers.  The report by researchers at Cohen Children’s Medical Center is the latest study to emphasize the dangers of driving while distracted.  The report found that during the study period an estimated 49% of boys between 15 and 18 admitted texting while driving compared with 45% of girls.  The study further found that laws banning texting weren’t working as there were no differences between states that did have such laws, and those that did not.  The report found texting to be the worst type of distraction since it involves manual, visual and mental distractions. Continue reading “Texting”

Driver Distraction

According to a report recently released by the National Safety Council cell phone use was involved in an estimated 25% of all highway fatalities. This was disputed by the Governors’ Highway Safety Association which cited federal figures suggesting distraction was a factor in only 10% of fatal crashes and that cell phone were implicated in just over 1% of those. However, the Safety Council noted that even when drivers say they were using cell phones often times it was not included in the Crash Report or was not admitted by the drivers. Continue reading “Driver Distraction”