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Police patrol car strikes pedestrian, causing serious personal injury

As reported in local news a few days ago, a pedestrian suffered serious personal injury when struck by a Tucson police vehicle. The incident occurred early Sunday morning at the intersection of East Broadway and South Kolb Road.

The unidentified male pedestrian in his 20s was hit by the police vehicle while crossing the intersection at Kolb Road on foot.

The officer, who was said to be transporting a civilian passenger at the time, reportedly stopped and administered first aid to the victim before he was taken to the hospital by first responders.

The officer and his passenger were unhurt, and the extent of the victim’s personal injury was unknown at press time.

Personal injury by police under unknown circumstances

It’s fair to assume that at the time of the accident the officer was performing his duties in an exemplary manner, as do nearly all of the men and women in police uniform who proudly serve Tucson and surrounding communities.

And, until or unless the ongoing internal police investigation determines otherwise, we should assume that this unfortunate accident which resulted in personal injuries to the unlucky pedestrian was simply that – an accident that occurred in the police officer’s line of duty.

Still, given the recent nationwide scrutiny regarding the worrisome number of incidents resulting in personal injury or death at the hands of police officers, it’s important to thoroughly investigate each incident.

For the sake of the injured pedestrian and the general public here in Tucson, we’re hoping that this accident was a routine one.

“Racing to the scene” of the nearest donut shop?

Hopefully this accident didn’t happen while the officer was “racing to the scene” of the nearest donut shop, or engaging in some other foolish behavior, such as that highlighted in YouTube videos taken of rogue police officers in other jurisdictions…. Tucson residents deserve more professional police than that.

Of course, it’s important to note that the officer was carrying a civilian passenger, which is generally unusual for police on patrol. Investigators are probably seeking to determine why the officer was carrying a passenger and whether that may have played a role in the accident.

The internal investigation of the incident should be allowed to take its course, and in the meantime hopefully the victim’s personal injuries will heal quickly.

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Tucson Street Car

Tucson’s new streetcar line: A serious hazard for cyclists

A new map and survey released by the Living Streets Alliance (LSA) in Tucson reveals a staggering number of bike crashes along the route of the new streetcar line.

During the self-reporting period over the past 18 months since August 2012, a whopping 86 bicycle accidents were logged by cyclists. All the cycling crashes occurred when riders attempted to ride alongside the streetcar tracks, or cross them. Continue reading “Tucson’s new streetcar line: A serious hazard for cyclists”

Mountain Man Fall

Tucson man injured in fall from scenic overlook

As reported in local news a couple of weeks ago, a Tucson-area man suffered a significant personal injury when he fell about 30 feet after a guardrail gave way at a scenic overlook spot on Mount Lemmon during his early morning visit to the site.

Pima County Sheriff’s deputies said the 44-year-old man’s injuries were considerable, although not life-threatening. Continue reading “Tucson man injured in fall from scenic overlook”

Ceiling Collapse

Tucson Ceiling Collapse Injures 3

As reported recently on Fox News, three Tucson-area residents suffered personal injuries when a section of ceiling collapsed in a Tucson strip mall. Sources at the Northwest Fire District said the collapse occurred on July 8th at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Four people were sitting in a breezeway outside the offices of the Arizona Department of Economic Security awaiting their appointments when a large section of drywall panels suddenly broke free from the ceiling overhead and fell onto them. Continue reading “Tucson Ceiling Collapse Injures 3”

Personal Injury

Plane Crash Causes Personal Injury

A couple of days ago, the crash of a small airplane during a takeoff from Rimrock Airport caused personal injuries to the two people aboard. The accident frightened local residents, and has some Tucson area residents worrying about the dangers of small planes coming down unexpectedly in neighborhood areas.

The single-engine plane crashed at the end of the runway as it attempted to take off in bad weather conditions during the morning hours of August 13th. Rescuers from the Montezuma Rimrock Fire District (MRFD) responded along with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO). Continue reading “Plane Crash Causes Personal Injury”

Tucson Personal Injury

Tucson Rollover Accident Injures 6 Teens

According to a recent Associated Press news article, six Arizona teenagers suffered personal injuries in a single-vehicle rollover accident after a high school commencement celebration. According to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, the accident occurred in an undeveloped area southeast of Tucson.

The group of unsupervised teenagers, all males, was said to be “joyriding” and speeding when the driver lost control. The vehicle packed with hapless joyriders slid down an embankment and rolled over, causing injuries to everyone aboard.

The personal injuries sustained in the accident ranged from minor to life-threatening. Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved in this accident, or the outcome might have been worse. Continue reading “Tucson Rollover Accident Injures 6 Teens”

Tucson trench

“Unseen” trench accident causes personal injury to Tucson woman

As reported in a local news story in late June, a Tucson woman suffered a moderately-serious personal injury when she fell into a trench at a construction location near Glenn Street and 1st Avenue. It’s unclear what the woman may have been doing at the site.

According to the Tucson Fire Department (TFD) report about this personal injury incident, the woman fell into the ten-foot-deep trench in late afternoon, at a time when visibility was good. It was later reported anecdotally that the victim said she looked at the ground ahead of her as she walked, but that she had not seen the trench at all. Continue reading ““Unseen” trench accident causes personal injury to Tucson woman”