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Septuagenarian Motorcyclists Face Risks When Oldsters and Youngsters Collide

According to a recent report featured in Tucson News Now which attracted attention from Tucson motorcycle accident attorneys, a lucky pair of 70-something bikers received only minor injuries when they were struck by a 21-year-old female while driving her car through the intersection of West Orange Grove and North Oracle Roads on November 20, 2013. Continue reading “Septuagenarian Motorcyclists Face Risks When Oldsters and Youngsters Collide”

Injured Motorcyclist Face Financial Risk

Injured Motorcyclists Face Financial Risks

A recent spate of motorcycle accidents here in the Tucson area has highlighted the unforeseen financial risks faced by motorcyclists and their families following these mishaps. Although injured riders usually receive excellent urgent medical care and other early support in our area’s world-renowned health care facilities, still, the money often runs short soon afterward, leaving downed bikers and their families without resources. Continue reading “Injured Motorcyclists Face Financial Risks”