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The Warning Signs Of Medical Malpractice In Tucson

In Tucson and elsewhere, medical malpractice occurs far more frequently than most laypeople realize. Generally, medical malpractice only comes to light when a serious incident occurs. That’s because the general public doesn’t understand what really goes on behind the scenes in hospitals and clinics. If they did, they would probably be far more concerned. Continue reading “The Warning Signs Of Medical Malpractice In Tucson”

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“Home Surgeries” & Medical Malpractice

As highlighted in a recent news article, during the past few months Tucson has become a hotbed of medical malpractice and illegal surgical procedures performed by unlicensed or under-qualified practitioners.

Now, after a string of deaths and hospital admissions for botched “home surgeries” and cosmetic procedures in 2014, Pima County authorities are warning area residents to avoid unlicensed operators. Continue reading ““Home Surgeries” & Medical Malpractice”

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Loss of a patient may have been foreseeable

Loss of a patient may have been foreseeable

According to a recent news report, state inspectors and investigators are focusing their attention on the conditions in a well-known Tucson residential health clinic, and the possibility of medical malpractice there after the suicide of a patient undergoing treatment.

As indicated in the investigative findings by the Arizona Department of Health Services, a patient ended his life by hanging from a shower head less than a week after being admitted to this clinic for mental health treatment. Continue reading “Loss of a patient may have been foreseeable”

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Summer is the season for medical malpractice

Here in Tucson, and throughout Arizona and other states, summer is traditionally the worst season for medical malpractice incidents in hospitals and clinics. During the summertime, medication errors and surgical mistakes tend to increase in healthcare institutions for several reasons.

Patients and families should be especially watchful of surgeries and medical procedures administered by professional caregivers between June and September of each year. If patients and families sense something isn’t right, they should intervene immediately and appropriately. Continue reading “Summer is the season for medical malpractice”

Tucson Authorities Seeking Two Accused Of Medical Malpractice

As of May 22, 2014 Tucson authorities and the FBI are actively seeking two Mexican women who have been acting as unlicensed physicians. They are accused of medical malpractice by performing illegal cosmetic surgeries to enlarge the buttocks of women in Tucson and the Pima County area.

The two unlicensed practitioners, Perla Guadalupe Rubio and Ivonne Clarissa Ceballos, are accused of administering gluteal-enhancement treatments using injections of a chemical polymer known as Polyacrylamide Hydrogel (or PAAH), which is not approved under U.S. law.

According to local news reports, the pair have been scamming Tucson-area women and committing medical malpractice by misrepresenting their credentials and over-promoting the expected benefits of the cosmetic-surgery being performed. Continue reading “Tucson Authorities Seeking Two Accused Of Medical Malpractice”

Medication Errors

Medication errors and medical malpractice

According to government research reported in the Arizona media and elsewhere, electronic prescriptions can prevent a fair number of medication errors, and therefore hopefully reduce the worrisome prevalence of medical malpractice claims. Still, errors in prescriptions and other medical blunders, both for inpatients and outpatients, continue to affect families in Tucson and throughout Arizona. Continue reading “Medication errors and medical malpractice”

Pattern of Non-Standard Treatments

A Pattern of Non-Standard Treatments

As reported in a recent KGUN9 News article highlighting the issue of Tucson medical malpractice, a prominent Arizona doctor is under investigation by Canadian authorities regarding suspicions that he may have mishandled cases, including administering unapproved treatments, which may have contributed to the deaths of at least four cancer patients in Canada, where he had relocated after leaving behind his similar medical practice here in our area. Continue reading “A Pattern of Non-Standard Treatments”

Medicaid Opposition

Foes of the expanded Medicaid (AHCCCS) law in Arizona have failed in their referendum drive to put expansion on the 2014 ballot.  Thus, the measure signed by Governor Brewer earlier this year became law effective September 12, 2013 expanding AHCCCS as of January 1, 2014.  Opponents have indicated that they intend to make a legal challenge to the AHCCCS expansion but acknowledged that they will probably not be successful.  Expansion of AHCCCS is especially important to childless adults whose income is below the federal poverty level and who previously had been excluded from AHCCCS coverage in Arizona.  If you previously applied for AHCCCS and were rejected you should seriously consider reapplying especially if you are an adult without children.