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Cyclist Lost in Tragic El Tour de Tucson Bicycle Accident

Cyclist Lost in Tragic El Tour de Tucson Bicycle Accident

The excitement of Tucson’s well-known bicycle race, El Tour de Tucson, was marred by a tragic bicycle accident when a participating cyclist was struck from behind by a 78-year-old motorist who was perhaps suffering from medical problems. The accident occurred just before 5:30 in the evening, when the cyclist was riding in the designated lane for El Tour, on the eastbound I-10 frontage road near Sunset Road. The bike rider was pronounced dead at the scene, and the elderly motorist was taken to a local hospital for treatment of an undisclosed medical problem. Continue reading “Cyclist Lost in Tragic El Tour de Tucson Bicycle Accident”

Tucson: A “Hotspot” for Bicycle Accidents?

Statistically, it seems that in Tucson bicycle accidents may be more common than some residents would have supposed. And, some neighborhoods may be especially dangerous for unwary bicyclists. Still, there is plenty of hope for riders who are vigilant – A review of the typical accident-patterns seen on a web site which tracks the statistics regarding bicycle accidents in Tucson shows that a fair number of crashes involving bikes and motor vehicles could be avoided by alert bicyclists. Continue reading “Tucson: A “Hotspot” for Bicycle Accidents?”

Bicycle-Sharing Programs

The City of San Diego recently announced a bicycle-sharing program that will make at least 1800 bikes available at self-service kiosks throughout the city.  San Diego will enter into a 10 year partnership with a private firm, DecoBike, who will make a capital investment of over $7,000,000 paid entirely by the company.  Revenue will be generated through daily rentals or monthly or yearly memberships.  San Diego is guaranteed a percentage of the annual revenue and it’s described as a much needed addition to the city transportation network.  Continue reading “Bicycle-Sharing Programs”

Bike Path Debris

Tucson, Arizona:  As an avid cyclist I’ve heard persistent rumors in the past month that debris has been deliberately left on some of Tucson’s bicycle lanes.

On Monday, June 24, 2013 the Arizona Daily Star reported that the Tucson cycling community faces a new threat of thumb tacks thrown onto popular bicycle routes.  The article reports that in at least one instance tacks were strewn along a portion of the Catalina Highway near Mt. Lemmon frequently used by cyclists. Continue reading “Bike Path Debris”