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Tucson driver kills cyclist

Tucson Bicyclist Killed By Alleged Drugged Driver

According to a recent news article, on June 18th a 25-year-old local man, Gerardo Cazares, killed a female Tucson cyclist. Authorities allege he was driving under the influence of drugs. The fatal bicycle injury accident occurred on Tucson’s west side during early morning traffic.

Witnesses reported that the car driven by the drugged motorist ran through a red light just before 6 a.m., struck the woman riding a bicycle through the intersection, and then hit a parked vehicle before finally stopping about a half-block from the bicycle injury scene. Continue reading “Tucson Bicyclist Killed By Alleged Drugged Driver”

A Bicycle Accident Can Happen To Anyone

As recounted in a recent local news article, a senior Pima County official has sued the County after suffering serious injuries in a bicycle accident while riding over a County-maintained roadway bridge last summer. At the time of the accident, the official was said to be participating in an organized cycling event.

The cyclist, chief deputy county administrator, was thrown to the ground after the front wheel of his bike became lodged in a narrow drainage channel alongside the designated bike pathway over the Dodge Avenue Bridge at the Rillito River. The channel is part of the design of the bridge, and is intended to allow rainwater to drain from the sides of the roadway. Continue reading “A Bicycle Accident Can Happen To Anyone”

Tucson Cyclists “Shot Down” On The Shootout Bike Ride

According to a recent article on the leading Tucson-area cycling web site, a group of about 40 bicycle riders were stopped by local Sheriff’s deputies while participating in the regularly-scheduled Saturday morning “Shootout” bicycle ride.

Approximately 25 riders were cited by authorities for failing to stop at a stop sign at the corner of Mission Road and Duval Mine Road. The officers indicated that the bikers were issued citations due to a targeted enforcement action following “numerous 911 calls.” The citations were given in hopes of reducing future bicycle collisions. Continue reading “Tucson Cyclists “Shot Down” On The Shootout Bike Ride”

Cyclist Lost in Tragic El Tour de Tucson Bicycle Accident

Cyclist Lost in Tragic El Tour de Tucson Bicycle Accident

The excitement of Tucson’s well-known bicycle race, El Tour de Tucson, was marred by a tragic bicycle accident when a participating cyclist was struck from behind by a 78-year-old motorist who was perhaps suffering from medical problems. The accident occurred just before 5:30 in the evening, when the cyclist was riding in the designated lane for El Tour, on the eastbound I-10 frontage road near Sunset Road. The bike rider was pronounced dead at the scene, and the elderly motorist was taken to a local hospital for treatment of an undisclosed medical problem. Continue reading “Cyclist Lost in Tragic El Tour de Tucson Bicycle Accident”