bicycle safety

Expanded Safety Efforts for Bicyclists and Pedestrians Taken By Tucson Police

On September 19, 2019, the Arizona Daily Star reported that the Tucson Police Department had expanded its effort to lower the number of pedestrian and bicycle crashes. The department’s Strategic Deployment Mission program began in mid-July focusing on education and enforcement to make Tucson roads safer for everyone but with an emphasis on pedestrians and bicyclists. Officers will include education in their stops for various violations, and safety education training will be provided at various locations.

Tucson Adults Beware: Wrongful Death From Underage Drinking Is On The Rise

With schools and colleges here in Tucson having a reputation for underage drinking, it’s worth having a look at the potential liability for adults, especially when a teenager or young adult causes a wrongful death. The worrisome fact is that underage drinking is on the rise throughout Pima County. The results are often disastrous, and adults should take notice. Continue reading “Tucson Adults Beware: Wrongful Death From Underage Drinking Is On The Rise”

The Warning Signs Of Medical Malpractice In Tucson

In Tucson and elsewhere, medical malpractice occurs far more frequently than most laypeople realize. Generally, medical malpractice only comes to light when a serious incident occurs. That’s because the general public doesn’t understand what really goes on behind the scenes in hospitals and clinics. If they did, they would probably be far more concerned. Continue reading “The Warning Signs Of Medical Malpractice In Tucson”