Product RecallsConsumers in Pima County and throughout Arizona are generally confident about the quality and safety of the products they use. Still, in recent years there has been a worrisome pattern of recalls involving defective bike products which may lead to Tucson bicycle accidents.

Although bicycles share roadways with motor vehicles, given the frequency of bicycle product recalls it seems likely that bikes and bicycle parts receive far less scrutiny during product testing and manufacturing than automobiles do.

Of course, many bikes and cycling accessories are made in countries that have less-stringent consumer protection laws than the United States, which may also account for the relatively large number of bicycle-related recalls here in recent years.

To better educate bicyclists about defective equipment which may cause a bicycle crash, below is a summary list of recalled bicycles and cycling products.

Please note that this list is not complete; it contains only selected major recalls from recent years. Because of the large numbers of certain manufactured items, Tucson-area cyclists may still encounter these items when they purchase used bikes or even when buying “new” equipment off-the-shelf from warehouse suppliers.

Major recalls of bicycles, bike parts and accessories in recent years

BMX Bike Helmets sold at Toys R Us  In March of last year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a widespread recall for Bell Full Throttle brand bike helmets which were sold at Toys R Us.

It seems that the buckle on the helmet’s chin strap may fail suddenly during an accident, which would allow the helmet to fall off and expose child riders to serious head injuries.

Salsa Cycles bicycle rack  In mid-2012, the CPSC issued an urgent recall for these bicycle racks because of defects in the straps used to mount them. The straps may break during use. There have already been several reports of injuries caused from falls caused by broken straps.

Shimano handlebars  In early 2012, a far-reaching recall was announced for handlebars found on certain mountain bikes produced by the popular bike manufacturer Shimano.

It was discovered that the bolt assemblies on these handlebars may loosen from vibration while riding, which can cause cyclists to lose control of the bike and fall.

Norco bicycle frames  Within the past few years, the CPSC has recalled certain high-end bike frames made by Norco because these frames may crack and separate unexpectedly during use. The recall was announced after at least one rider was thrown to the ground and suffered broken bones.

Inspect your equipment frequently

And, there have been similar recalls regarding other bicycle parts and accessories. The best way to reduce the chance of a bicycle accident resulting from defective bicycle parts is to always inspect your equipment before riding, especially when you ride on rough surfaces which may cause damage from long-term vibration.

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