bicycle accident lawyerA serious bike accident can have life-long consequences, so it’s important to find the best person to protect your rights and obtain the relief you need. If you or someone you love has been injured in a Tucson bicycle accident, here are a few things you should know before hiring a bike accident lawyer.

Here in Tucson, cycling accidents are increasingly common. So, each year more attorneys hold themselves out as experts in bike crashes. Yet, before hiring a lawyer to protect your rights, you’ll want to be certain that he is truly the best legal cycling expert in Pima County.

An expert Tucson bike lawyer lives the two-wheel lifestyle

 You should look for a Tucson cycling attorney who lives a bicycle lifestyle instead of merely talking about it. Ask him how many years he’s been riding a bike, how many cycling events he’s participated in and sponsored.

And, most importantly, ask your bicycle attorney whether he’s ever suffered a serious bike accident in Tucson…. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

You see, it’s one thing to talk about helping injured cyclists, yet it’s entirely different to live the two-wheeled lifestyle on a daily basis, and serve the cycling community as one of its long-time members.

A true cycling attorney knows what it feels like to be in a serious bicycle accident

 Fortunately, there is a long-time Tucson bicycle lawyer dedicated to helping riders in Tucson, Pima County and surrounding areas.

 Bob Barber is Tucson’s leading bicycle attorney. He’s been riding for a long time, and he’s the best advocate for riders who are down. Bob Barber first began to focus on protecting the rights of cyclists injured in Tucson bike crashes when he himself was injured in a serious cycling accident many years ago.

He experienced the pain and frustration of dealing with a judicial establishment which at the time was focused on enabling careless motorists rather than on upholding the rights of bicyclists to use Pima County roadways in peace. He saw the indifference of the car-driving public toward cyclists, and he felt the impact of motorists’ carelessness.

Riding a bike in Tucson is easier nowadays, but there are still challenges to be met

 Through the tireless advocacy of Bob Barber on behalf of riders injured in Tucson bike accidents, much has changed in recent years. Nowadays, motorists are more aware of their obligation to share our roadways with bike riders. Still, there’s more work to be done.

Each year, an increasing number of Tucson-area residents decide to adopt the cycling lifestyle in order to participate in this healthful, cost-effective alternative to motor-vehicle transportation. Yet, because of the persistent carelessness and negligence of a few motorists and property owners, bike crashes in Tucson continue to occur.

If you or someone you know has been injured or suffered property damage in a bicycle accident, whether caused by a motorist or by the negligence of a property owner, you should call Bob Barber, Tucson’s leading bicycle attorney. He can help protect your rights, hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions, and win the financial relief to which you are entitled.

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